-. Member related questions

Q. What are the benefits of signing up as a member?

A. First of all, you have the right to browse the site. And you have the right to participate in photo contests. ​And you will receive allowances through various bonus programs.

Q. How many IDs (codes) can a member have?

A. Members are identified by email, and members can have up to three IDs when they first sign up, and an additional 4 IDs the following month. You can have a total of 7 IDs.

Q. How long is the membership period?

A. Once you become a paid member of the site, you will retain your membership permanently.

Q. How can I register as a member?

A. Click the "How to become a member" link here and get instructions.

Q. How do I purchase points?

A. There are two methods.

​The first method is to purchase points through a recommender who recommended you, and the second method is to purchase points directly from the company. Further details can be found by clicking on the "Buy Points" link.

Q. Why do I only purchase points with coins?

A. This is for the convenience of global remittance and to secure the fairness of the advantage of first-come-first-served registration due to the nature of marketing. In case of special circumstances, please contact the company and we will tell you how to do it.


Q. What is the difference between the referral bonus and the matching bonus?

A. The referral bonus is a one-time bonus when you recommend a member or have multiple IDs through your own recommendation, and you receive 10$ worth of points (10,000 points).

As for the matching bonus, whenever a bonus (sponsorship bonus, random bonus, etc.) occurs in the code that the person has the right to recommend, 10% of the bonus is paid as a matching bonus.

Q. How much sponsorship bonus can I receive with one code?

A. One code is accumulated as a sponsorship bonus by 1$ each time the code is registered up to the 20th level of the affiliated company.

Therefore, when level 20 is completed, about 2 million $ is generated as a bonus, of which 10% is distributed to the recommender as a matching bonus, and 10% is accumulated for random code generation, so a sponsorship bonus generated from one code The maximum can be received about $1.6 million, which is 80% of the $2 million.

Q. What happens to the code after receiving the maximum amount of the sponsorship bonus?

A. It will be deleted and a new code can be registered again. You can always have 7 codes (IDs).

Even if you do not receive the sponsorship bonus, you can continue to receive the matching bonus.

Q. How do random bonuses occur?

A. Every time an allowance is generated, 10% is accumulated for random code generation, and when 10 dollars (10,000 points) is reached, a random code is generated. The generated codes are numbered sequentially, and close at midnight (Singapore Standard Time) every Wednesday evening, and the code drawn by the computer at 0 am on Thursday becomes the No. 1 code, and the interval is also specified by the computer. A new genealogy is formed.

In this case, the entire company is sorted from left to right in a spillover method. The late registration code may become the No. 1 code. One code is 10,000 points, and 500 points are paid to the top 20 levels. When level 20 is completed, code 1 can receive a random bonus of 1 million dollars.

Q. What happens to the genealogy after the random bonus deadline?

A. Since a new random bonus is generated every week, the genealogy tree that has been closed once and the allowance has been settled will be deleted.

Q. What are the eligibility requirements for benefits?

A. Two recommenders are required. If you register three codes, code 1 is eligible for benefits. You have to open 3 codes first, and you can recommend and register others by using the 2nd code and 3rd code recommendation.

Q. How long does it take to apply for a refund?

A. You can receive your allowance within 48 hours.

Q. Who bears the fees incurred when exchanging money?

A. The member pays. Fees may vary depending on the payment method.

Q. What coin wallet do you recommend?

A. We recommend "Meta Mask" or "MyEtherWallet"

-. Intellectual Property Rights Questions

Q. ​How do I participate in the photo contest?

A. You can submit one work per week per ID. You can read the instructions in the "Contest Menu" and upload a picture of your work in the "Upload File" section below.

The photos collected for a week are first classified and posted in the "Photo Contest Menu" at the same time. Members can click "Like" on the most impressive photo among the works. Pictures of works that have received a lot of "Likes" are notified on the bulletin board and a small prize is paid.

Q. How much is the prize money for works that have won the contest?

A. At the start of the contest, the details of the prize money will be announced along with the announcement of the contest.

Q. What works cannot be entered into the contest?

A. You cannot post photos related to crimes such as sex crimes, violence, or drugs.

Q. What are the penalties for posting unacceptable works?

A. The first time it gives a warning. Posting more than once will permanently disqualify you from participating in the contest.

Q. Who owns the intellectual property rights for photos posted on the site?

A. The intellectual property right for the work belongs to the artist or the member who submitted the work. However, the company may use the work for publicity. If profits such as sales are generated while posting on the site, the profits are equally distributed.