Contest Rules
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Contest Rules

1. Members who wish to participate in the contest can post their content (photos and videos) on the "Post Your Photo & Video" bulletin board.

2. The number of content that can be posted is 1 photo per 1 ID, and 1 Video can be posted with 3 IDs or more.

3. Content related to crimes such as pornography, violence, and drugs cannot be posted.

4. After the content posted for one week goes through the process of verification, by the administrator, photos are placed in the “Photo Contest” menu and videos are placed in the “Video Contest” menu at once.

5. The works posted on each menu for one week are selected as the best works by votes by members and by experts.

6. Contents selected as excellent works will receive a prize money.

7. Selected content moves to the "View Photo" or "View Video" menu, and is classified into weekly categories or genre-specific categories and posted permanently.

8. This content can be used to promote the site, and when the work is sold later, the sales profit is shared.

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