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privacy policy

1 Purpose of processing personal information

① <> processes personal information for the following purposes, and does not use it for purposes other than the following.

Confirmation of customer's intention to join, identification/authentication of identity according to the provision of services to customers, maintenance and management of membership, payment of money for supply of goods or services, supply and delivery of goods or services, and use of marketing and advertising

2 Preparation of personal information processing and retention period

① <> processes personal information within the period of retention and use of personal information agreed upon when collecting personal information from the information subject or the period of retention and use of personal information according to laws and regulations Retain.

② Specific personal information processing and retention periods are as follows.
Customer subscription and management: Until the service use contract or membership subscription is canceled, however, if the bond/debt relationship remains, until the relevant bond/debt relationship is settled
Contract/subscription withdrawal, payment, goods supply records in e-commerce: 5 years

3 Rights and obligations of information subjects and legal representatives and how to exercise them

The information subject can exercise the following privacy-related rights at any time for <>.

1. Request to read personal information
2. Request for correction in case of errors, etc.
3. Request for deletion
4. Request to stop processing

4 Personal information items processed

Personal information processing business: website membership registration and management, civil affairs processing, product or service provision, marketing and advertisement
Required items: login ID, password, service use record, access log, cookie, access IP information, payment record
Optional: Email, Gender, Name

5 Destruction of personal information

destruction procedure

The information entered by the user is transferred to a separate DB (a separate document in the case of paper) after the purpose is achieved, and is stored for a certain period according to internal policies and other related laws or immediately destroyed. At this time, the personal information transferred to the DB will not be used for any other purpose unless it is in accordance with the law.


If the retention period of the personal information has elapsed, the user's personal information shall be stored within 5 days from the end of the retention period, when the personal information becomes unnecessary, such as achieving the purpose of processing personal information, abolishing the service, or terminating the business. The personal information will be destroyed within 5 days from the date the processing is deemed unnecessary.

6 Matters concerning the installation and operation of the automatic personal information collection device and its rejection

① <> uses 'cookies' that store and retrieve usage information from time to time to provide individually customized services.

② Cookies are a small amount of information that the server (https) used to operate the website sends to the user's computer browser, and is also stored on the hard disk of the user's computer.

_. Purpose of use of cookies: These are used to provide optimized information to users by identifying the types of visits and usage of each service and website visited by the user, popular search terms, and whether or not secure access is available.

_. Installation, operation, and rejection of cookies: You can refuse to store cookies by setting options in the Tools > Internet Options > Personal Information menu at the top of the web browser.

_. If you refuse to store cookies, you may experience difficulties in using customized services.

7 Personal Information Protection Officer

Name: OOO
Affiliation: Operation Team
Tel: +63) 920-629-2333

8 Measures to ensure the safety of personal information

Encryption of personal information
The user's password is encrypted, stored and managed, so only the user can know it. For important data, a separate security function is used, such as encrypting files and transmission data or using a file lock function.

9 Changes to the Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy is effective from the effective date, and if there are additions, deletions, or corrections of changes according to laws and policies, we will notify you through a notice 7 days before the enforcement of the changes.
Announcement Date: 00/00/2000
Effective Date: 00/00/2000

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